About Duo Byte

Duo Byte is a distributed blockchain – a permanent and unchangeable record of relationships which is loosely based on the premise of Bitcoin. The idea is simple, if someone thinks that their relationship is going to last then they can add it to a permanent online ledger where it will be recorded and publically viewable forever. Since records can’t be modified once they are submitted, this demonstrates the level of commitment in a relationship. It also means that your love story will live on for everyone to read, regardless of what the future holds. Think of it like a digital promise ring but maybe not as serious – or possibly more serious depending on your philosophy. We’re bringing love into the 21st century...

What happens next?

When you submit your details on our home page, they are stored in a temporary cache and sent to the master node(s) in the network for processing when the next block is ready to be created. Once added to the blockchain by the master node that processes your details, it is distributed to all other nodes on the network - much like Bitcoin nodes store the Bitcoin blockchain but modified and simplified to reflect the goals of the project.


Unlike most blockchain applications at the moment, we have not created some imaginary money and 'pre-mined' it to fund the project, instead we rely on store purchases and donations to keep love alive! But don't worry, the blockchain is decentralised so your relationship will always live on.

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