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Letter of confirmation design 1

Letter of confirmation sent directly to your partner. The letter outlines what Duo Byte is and what adding your relationship to the network stands for.
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Letter content:
Dear ______,
This letter is acknowledgement that we have accepted the details of your relationship with ______ on the Duo Byte network.
There is now a permanent record of your relationship stored at block ____ on the Duo Byte blockchain. Now that your relationship has been added, the cryptography securing the chain will prevent it from ever being modified, essentially saving your relationship across the world through our network where it will last forever.
Depending on your own perspective, this could just seem like a name on a website, but DuoByte stands for a lot more than this. Based on the concept of Bitcoin, DuoByte secures the details provided on the network using advanced cryptography which will stop it from being modified. Given that these details cannot be changed later, your significant other must believe that your relationship will last forever. Since the internet is continuing to expand and evolve, it is also possible that DuoByte could last for many centuries into the future so even after you and your partner have left this life behind, your story will live on to inspire future generations.
All of us here at DuoByte wish you the best of luck in the future, happy stories like yours make all the work and effort to build and maintain DuoByte worthwhile.
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